Sculpture and Lettering

In the repetitive absorption of making letters, a process of which no two letters are ever identical, I have grown to feel these symbols have other selves, a kind of hidden or suppressed identity. One aspect of my sculpture explores these hinted at characteristics through a mix of carving and inscribed drawing in stone, making original interpretations of individual letters that possess a rhythmic fluidity and give the sense of being a palaeontologist’s discovery.

I also originate lettering in a number of mediums; lettercarving in stone, slate and wood, brush lettering and traditional signwriting. Often I use the brush to set out inscriptional work, which ranges from formal Roman to my own casual 'Phil Sans', all lettering is designed by brush or pencil to suit its purpose and place.


Graduating in 1996 from the City & Guilds of London Art School, Surey spent short spells assisting Richard Kindersley and Ralph Beyer before establishing a busy workshop in London.

In 2010 & 2011, he was represented by art dealers William Agnew & Co at Art Antiques London held in Kensington Gardens, and in 2012 had a work shown and sold at the RA Summer Show.